corso goalkeeper academy

Olympian Water Polo Goalkeeper Training


The Corso Goalkeeper Academy is a development elite camp that exclusively provides one-on-one instruction for water polo goalies.  The Corso Goalkeeper Academy was established in 1984.  Since then, the Corso Goalkeeper Academy has continuously developed programs to achieve goals of excellence in instruction, comprehensive approach, and intensity in execution.

 Our educational philosophy has been through many years of analysis, application and development of the necessary concepts to make young American goalies become the most important player in the pool rather than the forgotten player.

 With our step-by-step program and the application of the unique technical and tactical concepts, this goalkeeping program is the best in the world.  Individualized training and evaluation is only one aspect of our goalkeeping program.  The training experience is further enhanced as the goalkeepers are incorporated into small and large groups consisting of tactical and technical training activities with the field players.  These match-related activities provide the goalkeepers and opportunity to blend technical fundamentals with tactical decision making.  The goalkeepers are also evaluated as they perform in matches everyday.  The combination of individual and team training is an integral part in the development of a goalkeeper.

 Goalkeepers will receive approximately two to five hundred shots during their training experience.  They will also have the opportunity to develop the proper muscle memory to execute the various ball-stopping skills that are necessary for high-level performance.


Session Descriptions


 8:00-8:15am Video, Tactics Meeting, Warmup

 8:15-9:15am Fitness, Postioning

 9:15-10:15am Passing, Shooting

 10:15-11:30am Game Situations

 11:30-12:30pm Break

 12:30-1:00pm Strength + Conditioning

 1:00-4:00pm Passing, Shooting, Blocking


• We recommend that you come in GREAT SHAPE for this program.

• Minimum age is 13 years.

• The academy is designed for the goalies with aspirations to play competitive at a higher level

• Our conditioning phase of the training is along the lines of the National/Olympic team training camp.

• This camp is ideal for the all goalies.

• Hours of water time which includes swimming, leg work, cage work, hours of passing and blocking, along with tactical game situations.

• Goalies will face high tempo shots and the Jugs water polo trainer.


Training Philosophy and Goals


The Corso Goalkeeper Academy is carefully and thoughtfully planned to achieve these specific goals.


• Create a positive learning environment.

• Treat each student respectfully and individually.

• Expect respectful behavior from each student.

• Accommodate and teach different goalkeeping styles and when to use them.

• Enhance and reinforce each goalie’s individual strengths.

• Focus on the basic fundamentals of goalkeeping.

• Repeat and build on the fundamentals.

• Provide immediate correction, constructively.

• Turn water polo lessons into life lessons when applicable and/or appropriate.


Power, Strength, Speed and Agility


Strength training is a crucial component to successful goaltending.  If one’s goal is to play high level water polo, he/she must take their Strength and Conditioning very seriously.  Each goalie who plans on attending the Corso Goalkeeper Academy should be on a proper fitness program for 6-8 weeks leading up to the academy.  When enrolling in the Academy ask the camp director for more information to determine if this program is suitable for you.  The Strength training program focuses on weight training, power training, total body strength training, explosive lateral and vertical movement, plyometrics, quick hands and feet, core strength, agility, balance, hand eye coordination, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and dynamic water polo warm ups.




A sound technical understanding is the foundation of good goalkeeping.  However, technique, fitness, and skill will take a goalie only as far as his/her attitude will allow.  A positive mental outlook, hard work, determination, the strength to overcome adversity, and an ability to accept responsibility for errors and bad goals are essential characteristics of successful goaltenders.  Issues such as dealing with being a back up, a first stringer, going through a slump, playing on a weak team, how to maintain a streak, how to get the support of teammates, how to deal with no coaching, and many more issues will be discussed on a daily basis.


Video Analysis


Video analysis is an important part of the Academy.  During the Academy you will be filmed during the shooting phase of the training.  This tape will be broken down with you and Coach Corso and will be yours to take with you.  Numerous Olympic, pro, college and high school games have been edited and viewed on a daily basis.  Coaches’ game situations are also saved and goals are viewed.




The Corso Goalkeeper Academy has developed a nationwide reputation for its exceptional staff.  Demonstrations are powerful teaching tools.  Qualified goalkeeping and shooting experts are only invited to the camp.  The instructors play at a high level and have at one time or another trained/played for Coach Richard Corso which ensures that they all teach the same techniques using the same language.  The academy offers a small goalie to coach ratio giving goalies extra attention they need.  Coach Corso is at every session, all day, and everyday!



The Corso Goalkeeper Academy


Here’s why you should attend this camp.


1. First-Class Locations.  CGA camps are located worldwide at only the finest facilities.  Our camps are held at some of the finest schools and college campuses in the country.


2. World’s Best Goalkeeper Coach.  Our energetic national and international coaches take pride in their work and will be there to celebrate your victories and find the lesions in defeat.  Our guest coaches include national team, Olympic, and professional coaches and players from some of the finest clubs and leagues in the world!


3. Challenging Instruction.  CGA believes in developing total performance in players, leaving nothing out.  Corso’s camps follows a natural progression, preparing palyers for the next level, offering curriculums that are second to none!


4. The Ultimate Challenge.  It’s no secret.  Our staff is demanding.  All campers are challenged at their level and put to the test in game like situations, small-sided games, intense specialized field sessions and competitive tournament style matches.


5. Competitive Training Matches.  To Compliment the instructional sessions, players get to show off their new skills in the exciting daily match.  Teams are ranked, promoted and relegated on a daily basis to ensure challenging competition!


Five more reasons to attend this camp:


1. An Investment.  Players completing a camp with the Corso Goalkeeper Academy become members of an elite society made up of some of the most passionate, hardest working players in the country.  This program will have an impact on your life and instill a sense of pride.  Isn’t it time to make an investment in your future?

2. Low Ratios.  With low staff to camper ratios, Corso Goalkeeper Academy coaches quickly build personal relationships and constantly offer positive encouragement, advice and honest instant feedback on performance.

3. Limited Enrollment.  All Corso Goalkeeper Academies have limited enrollment to ensure the quality of instruction, level of competition and provide superb supervision.  As a result, CGA staff is both personable and approachable; they always know you by your first name.

4. Gain Confidence.  Your performance will skyrocket, along with your self-confidence!  By day’s end, you’ll be thrilled with your progress and newfound knowledge.  You will leave Corso Goalkeeper Academy with confidence and the tools to continue to improve aspects of your game.

5. Best Camp Value in America.  How can we be so confident?  Because we work hard before the camp starts to make sure you have a quality training experience.


Here’s some extras you’ll get at camp.


Specialized Sessions.  Corso Goalkeeper Academy offers specialized sessions throughout the camp that focus on specific weaknesses of goalkeepers and on improving their skills with optional small group and private sessions scheduled on a daily basis.  What other water polo camp in America offers this level of personal attention?


Written Performance Evaluation.  All campers will receive an extensive written evaluation based on an assessment of his/her paly be their staff coach.  This valuable tool allows players and coaches the opportunity to put together an off-season program based on identified strengths and weaknesses.